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Paypal is the easiest way for Troop 2 to accept and process payments. You can use your paypal account or a credit card.

To help cover the cost of our merchant fees (what Paypal charges us), a fee of 3% of the transaction will be added to each checkout .

Annual Dues

Each scout and adult volunteer pays annual dues support troop activities and outings. Dues are amortized over the year, starting Jan 1


  1. Click on the link below corresponding to your payment type (Scout or Adult). They will take you to the Paypal site.
  2. After logging in, you will see your payment amount.
  3. When confirming payment in Paypal, please enter your scout's full name in the "Add a note"* field when making your payment so we can accurately track your payment.

Annual Dues for Scout - $142.00 + $4.26 PayPal fee

Annual Dues for Adult Leaders - $92.00 + $2.76 PayPal fee

  • Location of notes field in Paypal

Outing Fees

Outing fees are required when an outing is not fully covered from the troop budget. The outing leader will let you know how much payment is required for an outing. Need based scholarships are available. Please see the scout master.


  1. Follow the link below to Paypal.
  2. Enter the amount of the outing (it will default to $0.00)
  3. When confirming payment, enter your Scout's full name and the outing name in the "Add a Note"* field so we can accurately track your payment.

Camp Winton Outing Fee for Scout - $355.00 + $10.65 PayPal fee

Camp Winton Outing Fee for Adult - $170.00 + $5.10 PayPal Fee

Camp Winton Outing Fee For Scouts with Scout Accounts (please add 3% to your fee, if possible)